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Lithium-Ion Pioneer Introduces New Battery That’s Three Times Better
3 weeks 4 days ago
94 year-old John Goodenough, one of the co-inventors of the lithium-ion battery that now powers everything from phones to Teslas, has developed a new solid-state battery formula that promises to hold three times more energy than li-on. Goodenough and his team also say the new battery, which replaces a liquid electrolyte with glass, would charge quickly, never explode, and perform well at low temperatures that cripple today’s batteries.
Where Does Energy Storage Fit in the Long Tail of Solar Installers?
3 weeks 6 days ago
On the horizon, we can see energy storage emerging as a product that will likely be paired with solar as time-of-use rates and demand charges become more common. With that in mind, GTM Research's latest Energy Storage Monitor report predicts that residential energy storage will grow from almost nothing today to over 600 megawatts annually by 2021, most of it paired with solar.
FERC proposed storage rulemaking draws familiar concerns over jurisdiction, access
1 month 1 hour ago
Energy storage systems to support generation capacity needs are expected to account for around 43% of all new capacity worldwide from 2016 to 2025, but frequency regulation, renewables ramping, peak shaving, and load smoothing will all become greater factors.
Kentucky power plant becomes energy storage testing ground
1 month 1 hour ago
Meeting energy demands of the future means exploring the viability of various technologies today. In its latest research project, Louisville Gas and Electric Co. and Kentucky Utilities Co. is launching a new Energy Storage Research and Demonstration Site at its E.W. Brown Generating Station near Harrodsburg in Mercer County.
How California's utilities are mapping their grids for distributed resources
1 month 1 day ago
Utilities and DER companies are working together to understand where the grid can handle more customer-sited resources

 Beyond New York

Geli adds new software player to Australia battery storage market
3 weeks 3 days ago
California energy software and network solutions company Geli has joined the increasingly attractive battery storage market in Australia, announcing on Monday that it has opened an office in Melbourne.
Regulation May Stall The Future Of Energy Storage
3 weeks 5 days ago
DNV GL, an international consultancy group based in Norway, has claimed to have found the key to implementing grid-connected energy storage networks and systems. What has been called a “multi-stakeholder” approach involves different parties utilizing battery-stored energy at different times.
CUNY report looks at barriers to PV + storage in New York City
3 weeks 6 days ago
Anyone who lived in New York City during Hurricane Sandy remembers well the impacts of that storm on the nation’s largest metropolis, with widespread flooding, more than one million residents without power for the next two nights, and thousands still lacking electricity months later. The traumatic impacts of that storm – as well as the knowledge that with warming seas, more are coming – have been an impetus to drive conversations on how to make the city’s electricity supply more resilient. As the latest step in that conversation, earlier this week the City University of New York (CUNY) in collaboration with National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) and Meister Consultants released a new report which looks at barriers to deploying “resilient solar”, focusing on distributed PV and battery storage systems, as well as strategies for addressing these roadblocks.
CCNY-based team develops sustainable, high energy density battery
4 weeks 1 hour ago
Researchers at The City College of New York-based CUNY Energy Institute announce the development of a novel low cost, rechargeable, high energy density battery that makes the widespread use of solar and wind power possible in the future. It is based on manganese dioxide (MnO2), an abundant, safe and non-toxic material.
ConEd, NRG partner on 4 MWh mobile battery storage demo for REV docket
4 weeks 1 day ago
ConEd is testing out business models for energy storage and other forms of distributed resources under New York’s REV program. In December the utility installed a microgrid as part of the Queens-Brooklyn Neighborhood Program, which aims to defer investment in more costly grid investments. In January the utility filed a proposal with the state’s Public Service Commission for a program that would pay customers for hosting batteries through leases. In the most recent project, ConEd would deploy mobile storage devices to alleviate system congestion and defer investments in equipment upgrades such as new substations.
Electric Cars Married To Solar Energy Is The Key To Curb Fossil Fuel Growth
1 month 1 day ago
As SolarCity and Tesla came together last fall, Matt Roberts, executive director of the Energy Storage Association, explained Musk’s rationale for the merger: “There’s a clear business case here: Musk says he can expand the market for solar panels by offering them to people who are already considering buying an electric car, and vice versa… In other words, Tesla wants to offer the whole fossil fuel-free frittata.”
SDG&E Unveils World's Largest Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Facility
1 month 4 days ago
SDG&E is showcasing the world's largest lithium-ion battery energy storage facility in partnership with AES Energy Storage, which will enhance regional energy reliability while maximizing renewable energy use. The 30 megawatt (MW) energy storage facility is capable of storing up to 120 megawatt hours of energy, the energy equivalent of serving 20,000 customers for four hours.
Enbala Power Networks Raises $12 Million to Transform Distributed Energy Resource Market
1 month 5 days ago
ABB Technology Ventures and National Grid Join GE Ventures, Chrysalix and Obvious Ventures to Scale Enbala’s Software Solutions