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Orsted Acquires Deepwater Wind
1 week 12 hours ago
Ørsted has entered into an agreement with the D.E. Shaw Group to acquire a 100 percent equity interest in Rhode Island-based Deepwater Wind at a purchase price of $510 million. The two companies’ offshore wind assets and organizations will be merged to become the group with most comprehensive geographic coverage and the largest pipeline of development capacity in the U.S. Deepwater Wind’s portfolio has a total potential capacity of approx. 3.3GW comprising:
Lockheed Martin Provides Energy Resiliency Solutions to Support US Army Operations
1 week 12 hours ago
Lockheed Martin is providing energy storage capabilities to support the U.S. Army’s efforts to enhance its base resiliency, preserving power in the event of natural disasters, cyber-attacks or shutdowns. Lockheed Martin has introduced the most energy dense storage system on the market to support resiliency efforts. The latest example is Lockheed Martin’s collaborative effort with infrastructure firm AECOM to deliver a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the U.S. Army’s Fort Carson base in Colorado. This BESS uses Lockheed Martin’s GridStar® Lithium energy storage system and is currently the U.S. Department of Defense’s largest peak-shaving battery system. “The energy challenge is an engineering challenge, and that’s what we’ve been perfecting for more than 100 years,” said Frank Armijo, vice president, Lockheed Martin Energy. “We have a unique range of energy storage solutions, and every system we offer is tailored to our customers’ mission needs. We’re proud to support them as they develop strategies for greater levels of security and resiliency.”
Mercedes-Benz Breaks Ground for New Battery Plant
1 week 1 day ago
Mercedes-Benz has broken ground for a new factory that will be engaged in manufacturing batteries. The plant is located in Tuscaloosa, United States and will be located near a plant that will be making electric SUVs in the future which will be sold under the product and technology brand EQ. On the very same day that the ground-breaking ceremony was held, October 5, the first all-new Mercedes-Benz GLE, which is made using a completely new SUV platform came off the production lines. Commenting on the new plant, Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain said that the export oriented Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa is a high-tech production facility that is meant to have an exciting future in terms of the growth of the Mercedes-Benz brand in the United States. The German automotive manufacturer plans to play a pioneering role in the development of e-mobility and is highly prepared to accomplish this mission. Last year, Mercedes-Benz had announced a USD 1 billion investment in Tuscaloosa. This amount would be used mostly for the production of electric SUVs and the battery plant and would thus bring electric mobility for Mercedes-Benz to the United States. Across the globe, the company is preparing six sites for production of EQ models and the battery network will span eight factories.
eMotorWerks Puts EV Chargers to Work as 30 MW Virtual Energy Storage Battery
1 week 2 days ago
Enel X’s eMotorWerks has successfully deployed a 30 megawatt / 70 megawatt-hour virtual energy storage battery load comprised of distributed electric vehicle charging loads on the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) markets. The new offering bundles together the electricity demand of thousands of plug-in vehicle drivers and pays drivers for the ability to throttle charging speeds up and down in response to signals from utilities. In exchange, owners earn credits on eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet platform. Bundling together the charging demand of EV drivers and using it to offset periods of high demand on the grid operates much like a grid scale battery does, with the capacity to offset spikes in usage on the grid with reduced usage.
Magnis Resources Shares Uplifted after Providing an Update on New York Battery Plant
1 week 3 days ago
On 5 October 2018, Magnis Resources Limited (ASX: MNS) provided an update regarding the progressive development of its New York Gigafactory. Several major developments have started to fast-track the New York Battery Plant into production. After the release of this news, the share price of the company increased by 1.493% as on 5 October 2018. After the successful move of the battery manufacturing plant from North Carolina to New York, the work on process engineering and design have started along with the site preparations. Imperium3 (iM3) New York team, Equipment manufacturers and engineers are all working together to meet the production time frames. All environmental approvals and approval from local government are expected in the second quarter of 2019. Ex Tesla Senior Manager Mr. Chaitanya Sharma who is highly experienced in the lithium industry through his senior role at Lithium Americas Corporation has also joined the Imperium3 Advisory Board. A significant portion of the planned production has been presold through binding sales agreements to clients mainly in the automotive and renewables industry and further agreements are expected in the upcoming months. Many potential partners have held high-level discussions about involving with the New York battery plant through an investment. The board is going to assess all proposals as they are received and will update the market accordingly.
C4V Looking to Manufacture Semi-Solid-State Battery Cells
1 week 3 days ago
The New York based Charge CCCV (C4V) took the opportunity at the NY BEST 2018 fall conference to announced they had developed a semi-solid-state battery cell, which will go into production in the second quarter of 2019. As the prefix “semi” suggests, the cells are not completely solid. More than 80% of the liquid electrolytes were replaced by a solid electrolyte, so that a semi-solid state is achieved in the cells, according to the manufacturer. The current version has an energy density of 380 Wh/kg and 700 Wh/L, however this is not the end of the line for the manufacturer: In the next six months, C4V is looking to further increase the performance to 400 Wh/kg and 750 Wh/L. Afterwards, process optimization will take place before the product is commercialized, and production of the semi-solid-state battery cells begins.
New York Power Authority Planning 20 Megawatt 'Battery Project' in Northern New York
1 week 3 days ago
New York Power Authority officials say current transmission constraints can prevent energy from being delivered downstate in a timely fashion when the demand is high. But they plan to rectify that by establishing a system that will allow them to store energy that can be transmitted as needed later. The 20-megawatt “battery project” — a large-scale energy storage system — will store renewable energy by using a battery to absorb excess generation, which can be delivered later as the demand increases. Storing renewable energy by using a battery to absorb excess generation for later delivery is a viable solution to that transmission constraint, they said.
UK Power Reserve Expands Partnership with Fluence
1 week 4 days ago
UK Power Reserve announces the awarding of the second phase of its battery-based energy storage portfolio contracts to Fluence, a Siemens and AES company. UK Power Reserve secured the portfolio of ultra-fast energy storage projects in the 2016 Capacity Market auction. The expanded partnership between UK Power Reserve and Fluence, a market-leading global provider of energy storage technology and services, for the full 120MW portfolio represents one of Europe’s largest battery-based energy storage projects, demonstrating both business’ commitment to flexible energy solutions. The full 120MW of projects represents the largest contracted energy storage portfolio transaction to date globally. UK Power Reserve’s projects will utilize Fluence’s technology to provide much-needed flexibility for the United Kingdom grid as it modernises to accommodate increasing levels of renewable generation. The sites are required to be online by winter 2020, but the entire portfolio will be delivered by end of summer 2019 – well ahead of schedule.
Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Facility Planned for Endicott
1 week 5 days ago
The Huron Campus is set to welcome another tenant, this one expected to complement plans for a new lithium ion battery factory in Endicott. Empire State Development has announced a partnership between South Korean recycling company SungEel HiTech and White Plains-based electronics recycler and broker Metallica Commodities Corporation. Together they will recycle lithium-ion batteries on the former IBM campus. SungEel will provide the recycling technology while Metallica will secure the batteries and sell the end product. The partnership plans to recycle 3,000 tons of spent lithium-ion batteries annually, creating 86 hi-tech jobs with average salaries over $50,000.
Johnson Controls, Con Ed Subsidiary Partner to Grow Energy Storage
1 week 6 days ago
The new joint venture brings Johnson Controls into the ConEd fold, giving the company a wider distribution channel for its energy storage management business and systems. The announcement comes at a time when there is growing interest in energy storage as a way to help use more renewable energy, reduce system peaks and cut energy costs. The partnership will create "even more opportunity to take advantage of growth in both the behind-the-meter and front-of-meter market," said George Oliver, chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls, who also pointed to the company's five years of energy storage success. Under terms of the joint venture, Con Edison Solutions will be the majority owner and operating partner. Johnson Controls will participate as a minority owner and will contribute intellectual property it has developed for battery management systems and controls.
EnerNOC Rebranded as EnelX
2 weeks 12 hours ago
Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services division, announced that its US subsidiary EnerNOC, Inc., has been rebranded to Enel X. With this strategic business move, Enel X has integrated Enel’s advanced energy solutions in North America under one brand, being able to offer an expanded suite of energy services, and even greater expertise in areas including energy storage, demand response, and energy advisory services. “As Enel X, we are launching one unified brand in North America that enables us to convey a stronger message to the market,” said Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X. “The company has built a foundation in North America and around the globe to offer its customers even more intelligent energy services, unlocking greater value for them.”
GE Testing Energy Storage Prototypes in Niskayuna
2 weeks 2 days ago
The new field of photovoltaic panels off River Road is neither the biggest nor the most powerful solar farm in the Capital Region, but it is unique among the 9,000-plus solar arrays in the area. It’s not only generating up to 240 kilowatts of electricity, it’s providing a test bed for power storage on an industrial scale, which will keep the lights on after the sun goes down. A team of three dozen engineers and scientists at General Electric’s Global Research headquarters is testing two prototypes of the company’s new Reservoir storage unit, and they're building a third. Company officials hope to bring the battery system to market in 2019 and says it already has one significant purchase commitment.
Work Commences on New York's Biggest Li-Ion Battery Storage Project
2 weeks 4 days ago
Key Capture Energy (KCE) and NEC Energy Solutions (NEC) are teaming up on KCE NY 1, a 20 MW battery storage project in Upstate New York’s Saratoga County. On Wednesday, executives from KCE and NEC, along with a number of local and industry partners, came together to break ground on the project, whose construction has now begun. NEC will provide KCE with a technology solution for project, as well as turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services.
Engie NA Unveils Largest Energy Storage System in Massachusetts In Cooperation with Holyoke Gas & Electric
2 weeks 6 days ago
ENGIE North America and Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) today unveiled Massachusetts’ largest utility-scale energy storage system at a ceremony at the Mt. Tom Solar Farm in Holyoke, Massachusetts. ENGIE Storage Services (formerly Green Charge) will operate the three-megawatt GridSynergy™ system, which will be fully integrated into the largest community solar farm in the state at a location adjacent to the former Mt. Tom Power Station. The former coal and oil-fired generation facility, 90 miles west of Boston, operated for more than 50 years and ceased operation in 2014. The energy storage system will enhance HG&E’s electricity system and help keep electric rates stable by reducing rising capacity charges for the utility and its customers. Additionally, GridSynergy will provide grid stability by responding quickly to electricity demand fluctuations; allow for the increased use of clean energy; and reduce peak load burden on the existing electrical distribution system.
As Residential Energy Storage Booms, LG Enters Market with Expandable Batteries
2 weeks 6 days ago
From 2016 to 2017, in terms of MWh, residential storage projects showed an impressive growth rate of 317%, compared with 105% in the non-residential sector and 89% growth in utility storage, according to the 2018 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot, released by the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) in August. Further evidence of the residential sector's growing prominence in energy storage came earlier this month when the Energy Storage Association (ESA) and Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables concluded there were more home energy storage installations in the second quarter of 2018 than front-of-the-meter installations — a first for the industry.
EOS Energy Storage Secures Strategic Investment from and Manufacturing Partnership with Holtec International
3 weeks 12 hours ago
Eos Energy Storage (“Eos”) – pioneer of the value enhancing Znyth® battery – today announced a strategic investment from and manufacturing partnership with Holtec International (“Holtec”). Under the partnership, Holtec has acquired a significant equity stake in Eos. The partnership will support commercialization of the Gen2 Eos Aurora® DC battery system and help to establish an automated manufacturing facility in the United States. Together, Eos and Holtec will deliver and support cost-competitive energy storage solutions that enable dispatchable solar or wind, increase utilization of grid infrastructure, and improve resiliency for commercial/industrial and utility customers. Holtec, a global supplier of turnkey equipment and services to the nuclear power industry, will establish a subsidiary called HI-POWER to build and operate manufacturing capacity in the U.S., with plans to grow internationally. “HI-POWER hopes to build its first plant in Camden, NJ to fulfill a rapidly growing global demand for energy storage using Eos’s innovative technology,” said Dr. Kris Singh, Holtec’s President & CEO.
EDF Renewables and EnterSolar Form Strategic Partnership
3 weeks 12 hours ago
EDF Renewables North America (EDF Renewables), a leading developer in the renewable energy sector, and EnterSolar, a leading provider of distributed generation solar solutions to corporate commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, today announced a strategic partnership whereby EDF Renewables will acquire a 50 percent interest in EnterSolar. Together, the companies will offer C&I customers the most comprehensive array of behind-the-meter services.
Con Edison Acquires $1.54B in Renewable Electric Production Projects
3 weeks 12 hours ago
Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) acquired 981 megawatts (MW) of renewable electric production projects, including development rights for additional solar electric production and energy storage projects. Con Edison bought the assets from a subsidiary of Sempra Energy for $1.54 billion. The acquisition is expected to close near the end of 2018. “Renewable energy is the fastest growing source of the country’s supply of electricity, and the acquisition will accelerate our position as a market leader,” John McAvoy, chairman and CEO of Con Edison, said. “We have grown a meaningful large-scale solar business and will add value to new capital opportunities as they arise. With completion of this acquisition, we expect to be the second largest owner of solar electric production projects in North America.”
Lionano Raises $22 Million in Series B Funding
3 weeks 12 hours ago
Lionano, a developer and manufacturer of advanced battery energy storage technologies, today announced the completion of a $22 million Series B financing round led by WAVE Equity Partners, Helios Capital Ventures and NXT Ventures. Lionano will use the funds to scale up commercial production and global deployment of its high-performance, high-quality cathode materials – a drop-in technology that significantly improves the key performance metrics of lithium-ion batteries for applications in electric vehicles and consumer electronics.
LG Enters the Residential Energy Storage Market with Two New Battery Systems
3 weeks 12 hours ago
LG Electronics is entering the U.S. residential energy storage system (ESS) business, complementing the company’s industry-leading solar panel technologies in the United States. At the 2018 Solar Power International Conference, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions is launching two advanced new energy storage systems and an expandable battery pack for American homeowners: an AC-coupled 5.0-kW system for those who already have solar panels of any type on their homes and a DC-coupled 7.6-kW system as part of a new installation of LG solar panels.
The Future of Clean Energy: Storage News Roundup
3 weeks 1 day ago
Long-term energy storage and battery technologies are both essential components of a renewable energy transition, and never before has that been so clear. Recent developments in this sector are bringing new light to this emerging technology. We’re looking at a few of the most interesting energy storage technology developments below. In May 2018, the US DOE made a $30 million funding commitment to long-term battery solutions through its Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) office. In its funding, it chose to define “long-term” as starting at 10 hours and extending up to 100 hours of stored energy to help secure storage for the grid.
Supercell Architecture is Centerpiece of BAK & Cadenza Innovation Agreement
3 weeks 3 days ago
Shenzhen BAK Power Battery and Cadenza Innovation have announced that they will co-manufacture lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells and modules based on Cadenza Innovation’s supercell architecture. The supercell architecture provides reliable safety, lower cost, and high energy density by combining small ‘jelly roll’ cells in a ceramic material to create larger cells. Prior to giving the final nod to the agreement, both companies carried out project feasibility assessments, safety testing, institutional testing, and other third-party testing. Working globally through their respective and established project teams in the US and China, BAK and Cadenza Innovation will continue to advance market application of cells and modules based on the supercell design.
3 Steps for Developers to Succeed in Solar+Storage
3 weeks 4 days ago
The solar ecosystem is a rapidly changing space. Until recently, the role of solar developers was akin to a train station operator anticipating train station traffic at a small-town stop. The inputs and drivers of standalone solar were simpler. However, the integration of storage and other distributed energy resources into the energy landscape is transforming the solar developer’s role into something more like orchestrating train traffic at Grand Central Station in New York City, with many more trains and other forms of transportation arriving and leaving the hub. To capitalize on these burgeoning markets, solar developers need to include more multi-dimensional thinking into their projects. Research is crucial for analyzing the new inputs and outputs and assessing the viability of solar+storage projects. This article offers three steps for the planning stages of integrating storage into solar solutions across market analysis, technical design and financial performance.
SimpliPhi will Introduce High Voltage Energy Storage System at SPI
3 weeks 4 days ago
Building on nearly a decade of successful manufacturing and global deployments of high performance batteries, SimpliPhi is introducing a dynamic and scalable PHI High Voltage energy storage solution for commercial and industrial applications that offers the ability to tailor voltage, capacity and power output for project-specific performance. It supports greater control and reliability without toxic coolants or thermal monitoring to achieve peak shaving, load shifting, emergency back-up and demand response functions. The PHI High Voltage unit will be unveiled at Solar Power International/Energy Storage International in Anaheim from September 25-27 in SimpliPhi’s booth No. 3220. PHI High Voltage stacks feature modular battery building blocks that can be sized and scaled and installed without heavy equipment, instead of the one-size-fits-all, large, cumbersome battery banks common in other C&I offerings. In addition, when a building, facility or campus requires multiple voltage, capacity and power output parameters at different locations, each PHI High Voltage system can be optimized for that location’s unique use case.
Enel Starts 20 MW Expansion of German Battery Storage Plant
3 weeks 5 days ago
Italy’s Enel SpA (BIT:ENEL) announced on Tuesday it has started construction work on a 20-MW portion of its energy storage plant in Germany. The Cremzow storage facility, which is Enel’s first in the country, already has 2 MW/3.2 MWh operational and the expansion will bring its total capacity to 22 MW/34.8 MWh. Scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2018, the facility is a result of a EUR-17-million (USD 19.8m) agreement between Enel Green Power Germany (EGP Germany), local wind power company Enertrag AG and Swiss energy storage solutions company Leclanche SA (SWX:LECN).
DOE Provides $148M in Funding For Separate Energy Storage Research Efforts
3 weeks 5 days ago
Energy storage research is alive and well at the DOE despite President Donald Trump's threats to gut funding for DOE programs, particularly clean energy projects. In fact, after the budget dust settled, scientific research got a boost at the DOE with a 16% increase in the budget to $6.2 billion. According to the new announcements, some of those funds are allocated to research on energy storage. The JCESR, led by Argonne National Laboratory, now has $120 million to continue its research on new materials that can improve the energy density of lithium-ion batteries and devise new concepts for flow batteries. JCESR's research will focus on understanding matter at the atomic and molecular levels in an effort to develop multivalent battery designs. Established in 2012, JCESR has since demonstrated a new class of membranes for flow batteries. The program also made progress in establishing the scientific foundations for batteries based on doubly-charged magnesium instead of singly charged lithium and developed computational tools that have screened over 24,000 potential electrolyte and electrode compounds for new battery concepts and chemistries.
New York's Energy Storage Roadmap: It's Not Easy Getting from Here to There
3 weeks 6 days ago
New York has won praise for setting a goal to attract 1,500 MW of energy storage by 2025. But now comes the tricky part — deciding specific routes to take on energy storage roadmap. The complexity of the journey is apparent in comments recently filed by utilities, energy storage companies, microgrid developers, solar developers, advocates and other stakeholders before the New York Public Service Commission. Proposed in June by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the roadmap sets a goal of 500 MW of storage in each of three categories: the bulk power market, the distribution system and customer sites. The state would achieve the goal with the help of a $350 million bridge incentive, funded through the New York Clean Energy Fund.
Amid Steady Battery Growth, Fluence Sets Sights on Market Share, Transmission Assets
1 month 1 day ago
As the storage sector continues to develop, the utility-scale battery joint venture created by tech giants Siemens and AES Corporation is aiming to increase its market share in the commercial and industrial space. Growing quickly in the nine months since its launch, Fluence expanded to new headquarters on Tuesday in Arlington, Va. The company is largely known for utility-scale storage projects and replacing peaker plants with batteries in California, but now its leaders are eyeing more opportunities with renewable integration and storage applications for transmission. Its rapid rise, backed by the capital and experience of its parent companies, also enables its leadership to focus on large-scale behind-the-meter (BTM) opportunities.

 Beyond New York

MIT Unveils Early-Stage Carbon-Eating Battery
1 week 12 hours ago
A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has unveiled a battery technology that could potentially mop up carbon dioxide from thermal power plants. The lithium-based battery works by absorbing carbon dioxide into a water-based amine called 2-ethoxyethylamine and then mixing this with a non-aqueous liquid electrolyte used alongside a carbon cathode and a lithium anode. With every discharge, the carbon dioxide is converted into a solid mineral carbonate that builds up on the cathode. Carbon dioxide is thus used up as the battery cycles and converted to an inert material that can serve as a source of carbon for industrial purposes. A paper in the energy research journal Joule said the research highlighted “the coupling of CO2 capture chemistry to non-aqueous batteries as a promising approach for the design and manipulation of CO2 conversion reactions.”
The 2,900 Home sonnenCommunity Demonstrates the Potential of Neighborhood Solar + Storage
1 week 2 days ago
CleanTechnica spent some quality time with the folks over at sonnen while at the 2018 Solar Power International (SPI) show in Anaheim, California, and was absolutely blown away by the category-defining sonnen ecoLinx residential energy storage, demand response, and automation solution it debuted earlier last month. We also spent some time at the event talking with sonnen senior vice president Blake Richetta, who gushed about a disruptive new community sonnen is partnering on with Mandalay Homes, in which a mind-boggling 2,900 homes will receive a sonnen energy storage solution and a complementary (not complimentary) rooftop solar installation. “Mandalay and Arizona Eco-Development have partnered to deploy a radical new residential master community design topology including clean energy generation, self-sufficiency and self-consumption via a smart energy storage system in combination with an efficient load profile and a sealed home, all anchored on intelligent grid interaction,” said Blake Richetta, sonnen’s senior vice president and head of sonnen’s US subsidiary.
Oil's March Towards $100 is Just What Electric Cars Need
1 week 5 days ago
Oil’s march toward $100 a barrel is coming at just the right the time for auto makers investing billions in the switch to electric cars. Fuel prices reached a four-year high last month, concentrating consumers’ minds on the relative costs of internal combustion versus electric motors. For companies preparing to bring a record number of electric and hybrid models to market in 2019, oil’s rally could turbocharge demand. “The higher the price of oil the more tailwind we’re going to have behind electric cars,” Carlos Ghosn, chairman of Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co., said at the Paris Motor Show on Wednesday.
Makers of Electric Vehicle Charger Take Home Top Prize in 43 North Start Up Competition
1 week 5 days ago
The makers of a portable electric vehicle charging unit took home the big prize Wednesday night at the 43 North start-up competition. SparkCharge will receive $1 million in start-up money, and in turn will open up shop in the Queen City. Seven runners up also receive up to $500,000 in the competition. They are: Magnusmode, HiOperator, NaturAll Club , Kickfurther, Immersed Games, Forsake, LegWorks
Ameresco Begins Distribution of Eguana's Evolve Residential Energy Storage System
1 week 5 days ago
Eguana Technologies (TSX.V: EGT) (OTCQB: EGTYF) and Ameresco Solar (NYSE:AMRC) are pleased to announce that Eguana’s “Evolve” Home Energy Storage System is immediately available to Ameresco’s select partner network in North American markets. Initial product certification training is scheduled to take place on October 5th, 2019 at Ameresco’s Temecula, California facility. Ameresco maintains a network of several thousand active solar and electrical contractors located in key SunBelt states who stand to benefit from the immediate availability of the Evolve residential energy storage system. Ameresco designs and engineers grid-tie battery backup and residential power systems delivering a unique experience for installers and contractors. The one stop solution approach for products, engineering services and project management, coupled with a strong product portfolio, has positioned the company as a high-value added reseller for energy storage systems.
Ice Energy's Hybrid Air Conditioning and Energy Storage System Qualifies for ITC with Solar
1 week 6 days ago
Ice Energy, a provider of distributed thermal energy storage solutions, announced that its Ice Cub, an energy-saving hybrid air conditioning and energy storage system, is now available for purchase by California homeowners and homebuilders. The Ice Cub qualifies for the state’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) rebate and, for homes with solar PV, the federal ITC. These two financial benefits effectively reduce the cost of purchase and installation to below that of a conventional air conditioning system. The Ice Cub is a solar PV-compatible home air conditioning and thermal energy storage system that replaces a conventional 5-ton outdoor condensing unit and works seamlessly with a home’s interior HVAC system. It functions like a typical outdoor condensing unit, cooling the air going into a home to achieve the desired temperature. However, the Ice Cub also has a water tank and heat exchanger, which are used to make and store cooling in the form of ice — enabling it to cool a home for up to four hours a day. For homes with solar PV, a full tank of ice can be made and stored during the day, using what would otherwise be surplus solar generation.
Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Key Energy Storage Bill
1 week 6 days ago
Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., has signed into law S.B.700, a bill that could result in nearly 3 GW of behind-the-meter energy storage systems at schools, farms, homes, nonprofits and businesses in California by 2026, according to the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA). Authored by State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, the legislation reauthorizes the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) for five years, extending rebates for consumers through 2025, explains CALSSA. Boosting energy storage will help California achieve its goal of generating 100% of its electricity from renewable resources, as called for in S.B.100, signed into law on Sept. 10.
For Now, At Least, The World Isn't Making Enough Batteries
2 weeks 12 hours ago
Evidence of the battery-powered era is all around us. Electric vehicles are cruising down our freeways. Household appliances thrum with stored solar energy that was until recently a daytime-only power source. Governments from California to China and South Korea—even Donald Trump’s Washington—have taken steps that will make battery power more ubiquitous. There’s just one hitch to this battery boom: The world isn’t making nearly enough. All of the new demand from North America, Europe and Asia is constrained at the moment by a market that remains heavily dependent on a few producers.
PSE&G Proposes Clean Energy Future Program That Will Advance Solar + Storage
2 weeks 3 days ago
Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G) on Wednesday proposed a Clean Energy Future program (CEF) with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to make critical investments in clean energy and advanced technology that would propel New Jersey’s role as a national leader in energy efficiency and jump-start other clean energy priorities. “PSE&G’s proposed investments support New Jersey’s clean energy goals, while putting our customers’ needs at the forefront,” said Ralph Izzo, chairman, president and CEO of Public Service Enterprise Group. “The investments aim to keep bills lower than they were 10 years ago. In addition to providing safe, highly reliable service, utilities need to help their customers use less energy. This may be the only industry in America making a business case to sell you less of its product.” The filing supports the state’s progressive clean energy leadership and is consistent with the Clean Energy legislation recently signed into law by Governor Murphy, which requires utilities to reduce customers’ annual electric and gas consumption by 2% and 0.75%, respectively.
World Bank Commits $1 Billion to Battery Storage in Developing Countries
2 weeks 4 days ago
The World Bank Group announced at the One Planet Summit in New York on Wednesday a commitment of $1 billion for a new global program to accelerate the investment in battery storage for energy systems across developing and middle-income countries in an effort to further ramp up the use of renewable energy. One of the biggest roadblocks for developing countries looking to ensure their electricity supply is the lack of large-scale power infrastructure such as network grids and traditional fossil fuel-based power plants. In this day and age, with countries around the world seeking to develop renewable energy over fossil fuel-based energy as simply the smartest and most cost efficient option, that lack of infrastructure still poses a problem.
Residential Energy Storage System Available Through California Distributor
2 weeks 5 days ago
Eguana Technologies Inc. (EGT:TSX.V; EGTYF:OTCQB) and Los Angeles-based Swell Energy announced that the Evolve residential energy storage system is now available through Swell Energy. Swell's distribution of the Evolve system will expand the product offering on Swell's distributed energy resource (DER) platform, according to Eguana. "A diversified product portfolio is critical in the residential energy storage business. The addition of the Eguana Evolve will provide Swell's customers, installers, and utilities an advanced, new product opt ion," said Andrew Meyer, head of grid services at Swell. "Our team is already experienced with the Eguana system so it is a natural fit to include it in our product portfolio and extend the offering to our network of partners." "To date, Swell Energy has built a pipeline of over 35 MWh of residential energy storage projects in California, which it is assembling into a virtual power plant to deliver grid services," stated the company, "Swell's virtual power plant will include more than 2,500 homes across California, making this the largest fleet of home batteries in North America providing grid services."“
Renault Wants to Build a 60 MWh Energy Storage System With Used Electric Car Battery Packs
2 weeks 6 days ago
Renault is launching today a new “Advanced Battery Storage” program today. With the program, the French automaker is aiming to build “the biggest energy stationary storage system using EV batteries ever designed in Europe by 2020.” While several automakers have now launched “second-life” programs for used electric vehicle battery packs, Renault is in a particularly good position to run those programs because of how it sells many of its electric vehicles. In some markets, Renault sold most of its Zoe electric vehicles while retaining ownership of the battery packs. They have also offered battery upgrades – resulting in them having significantly more used battery packs than the average automaker.
Bipartisan Senators Ask Treasury Secretary to Expand Storage Tax Credit Eligibility
3 weeks 3 days ago
The residential renewable energy investment tax credit starts to phase down from its current 30% level at the end of 2019. According to the Department of Energy, solar electric systems, solar water-heating systems, fuel cell systems, small wind energy and geothermal heat pumps qualify for the ITC, which was reinstated by Congress last February. The senators are asking the IRS to prioritize action on the ruling after the agency and the Treasury opened up a public comments request in October 2015 on what energy properties qualify for the ITC. "The energy storage industry has waited patiently for this guidance — but three years is far too long a wait," Bennet said in a statement.
Volkswagen Will Build a New Electric Car Factory in North America
3 weeks 4 days ago
Volkswagen's efforts to ramp up sales of electric vehicles include opening a new factory in North America that's dedicated to building EVs. Though the plant's location hasn't yet been disclosed or even decided, VW announced Thursday that the facility will open by 2022. "There is no decision done so far," Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen's board member for e-mobility, told reporters here in Dresden, Germany. "We think there's a natural fit to Chattanooga, but there's no planning done so far." He's referring there to Volkswagen's existing US manufacturing facility, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which was inaugurated in 2011. But Ulbrich didn't deny that the EV plant could also be in Mexico.
6 Charts Showing the Renewables Threat to Natural Gas
3 weeks 4 days ago
The scale of the threat facing gas-based electricity generation from renewables and energy storage was outlined this week at the Global Power & Energy Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. Rory McCarthy, senior storage analyst for Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, illustrated for attendees how the business case for using renewables in place of natural gas is becoming more compelling following declines in solar and wind costs. That business case is also improving as a result of massive increases in battery storage, where the U.S. leads the world in terms of operational and planned capacity.
ElectrIQ Power Announces Their Latest Home Energy Storage System, the ElectrIQ PowerPod, and Amazon Alexa Integration
3 weeks 6 days ago
ElectrIQ Power, the energy storage company that develops intelligent and integrated home energy storage, management and monitoring solutions, announced today that it has developed a new home energy storage system designed for mass market adoption. The ElectrIQ PowerPod features industry-leading specifications at a competitive price point. The ElectrIQ PowerPod comes with an 11 kWh lithium-ion battery, a 5.5 kW hybrid DC-Coupled Inverter, the ElectrIQ View (ElectrIQ Power's Energy Monitoring Platform), and a 10 year warranty with daily cycling of the battery. The ElectrIQ PowerPod is modular up to three systems with three battery packs per system, giving installers and homeowners flexibility up to 16.5 kW of power and 99 kWh of battery storage.
California PUC Unveils Proposed Fix to Storage Incentive Program, Quantifying GHG Reductions
3 weeks 6 days ago
The staff of the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has released a proposal aimed at fixing the emission shortfalls of the state's premiere incentive program for behind-the-meter (BTM) energy storage, suggesting a state-wide partnership to develop a greenhouse gas (GHG) signal. One of the top policy goals of the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) was to reduce GHG emissions. But evaluations have shown that the SGIP storage projects have, in fact, increased greenhouse gas emissions.
Saudi Fund Pumps $1B into Silicon Valley Electric Car Maker
4 weeks 12 hours ago
Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund invested more than $1 billion Monday in a Silicon Valley electric car maker just weeks after Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier claimed the kingdom would help his own firm go private. Tesla stock dropped briefly Monday in reaction to the news, the same day that the Saudi fund announced it had taken its first loan, an $11 billion borrowing from global banks as it tries to expand its investments. It wasn't clear if that loan money played a part in the electric-car investment. The infusion represents a coup for Lucid Motors, a Newark, California, startup whose leadership includes six former Tesla executives, including an engineer who oversaw the design of the Tesla Model S that proved electric cars could be aesthetically pleasing and fast, in addition to reducing air pollution.
Move Over, Tesla. This Little Dutch Company Makes Big Batteries
1 month 1 day ago
As a tourist boat called the Berlin glides down Amsterdam’s Singelgracht, guide Emiliano Fernandez reels off the history of the majestic Rijksmuseum alongside the tree-lined canal. On the tour company’s other vessels, he would be competing with the rumble and fumes of a diesel engine. But since the Berlin hit the water with its electric motor two years ago, he’s been able to speak more softly. “It’s so quiet inside,” Fernandez enthuses. While green-leaning consumers and investors focus on automakers such as Tesla, Nissan, and BMW, industries from ships and trains to mining and construction are also poised to shift away from fossil fuels. Those are the businesses that Kees Koolen, chairman of Lithium Werks BV, the Dutch company that made the batteries for the Berlin, intends to serve. “We want to work on the electrification of everything that isn’t cars and consumer electronics,” he says. “Those markets are already saturated, and we see a big opportunity beyond them.”
Grenades, Swiss Army Knives, and Bacon: Storage is a High Impact Disruptor, Can Do Everything, and Makes Everything Else Better
1 month 2 days ago
When Solar Power International (SPI) opens its doors in Anaheim on Sept. 23, thousands of the industry executives and professionals flooding in will be there for a different event — Energy Storage International (ESI). The co-location of the two trade shows signals the extent to which solar and storage are now seen as essential, complementary and vital to the evolution of our industry. Now in its second year, ESI also reflects the accelerating momentum of the U.S. storage market. As noted in the recently released 2018 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot, the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has seen a small, but steady increase in the deployment of batteries across the U.S. As costs decline, the technology is gaining in economic competitiveness for an increasingly varied list of applications, from fast frequency response to solar smoothing, to following and meeting system peaks.
New York Clean Energy Ecosystem: Six Statewide Green Projects Pushing Back Against Trump
1 month 2 days ago
The New York clean energy ecosystem comprises a number of initiatives, investments and ambitious policies largely at odds with the Trump administration's efforts and intended to combat climate change by increasing renewable energy usage across the state In an ironic twist of fate, US president Donald Trump’s city of birth is now pushing against his own climate change agenda with the New York clean energy ecosystem growing by the minute. The 72-year-old’s administration last year announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement – the collective effort on behalf of almost 200 countries including China, Germany, France and the UK, to stem the tide of global warming.
NV Energy Now Offering Energy Storage Incentives
1 month 2 days ago
NV Energy has expanded its renewable energy options for customers with new incentives for solar-integrated storage. These incentives are available to customers who have installed, or plan to install, solar at their home or business. Energy storage systems allow energy that is produced at one time to be captured and used later. These systems can offset peak demand for electricity, provide backup or uninterrupted power, help avoid investments by NV Energy in traditional generation assets and improve grid operations. “We are excited to support our customers who want additional options when it comes to how they use energy,” said Pat Egan, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations for NV Energy. “Our new solar-integrated storage incentives are just one of the ways NV Energy is delivering modern solutions to support the changing needs of our customers.”