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The disruptive dozen

Some technologies could truly disrupt the status quo, alter the way people live and work, and rearrange value pools across industries. The McKinsey Global Institute’s new report, Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy, identifies 12 technologies—including next-generation genomics, autonomous vehicles, and 3-D printing—that could have a massive economic impact. Our slideshow details each technology’s economic-value potential.

50by50 Prospects and Progress A report outlining progress and opportunities to improve fuel economy 50% by 2050. (3/10/2011)
Advanced Energy Now: 2017 Market Report

This report examines the market for all distributed energy resources, including energy storage. The report extensively discusses New York's Reforming the Energy Vision Initiative, and the various demonstration projects that are underway in the state. The report indicates that energy storage has experienced the highest growth rate of all DERs, and that its importance will only continue to grow. 

Batteries and Ultra-Capacitors for the Smart Power Grid: Market Opportunities -2016 The smart grid of the future will include significant electrical storage as part of the solution to increase the grids efficiency, enhance reliability, and help reduce the environmental impact of supplying the electrical power needs of modern society. (2/17/2011)
Batteries, Supercapacitors, Alternative Storage for Portable Devices 2009-2019 Batteries, capacitors,supercapacitors, fuel cells,alternatives
This report is directed towards those developing, marketing and using small electronic and
electrical devices, particularly those that are self-sufficient. There is therefore much to interest those with a technical background as well. The report looks hard at what comes next, particularly over the next ten years. 
Battery Power's Online buyer's guide The Battery Power's Online guide of power management companies and providers including chargers, power packs, battery manufacturers, suppliers and many other categories. (4/30/2010)
Battery Technology Charges Ahead

New research suggests that the price of lithium-ion batteries could drop dramatically by 2020, setting the conditions for substantial disruption of several important industries.

Battery Testing, Analysis and Design

Cost Assessments and Requirements Anlysis Battery Testing Activities Computer Aided Engineering of Batteries

Bottling Electricity: Storage as a Strategic Tool for Managing Variability and Capacity Concerns in the Modern Grid Recommends policies the U.S. DOE should consider as it develops and implements an energy storage technologies program, authorized by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007; prepared by the Electricity Advisory Committee which provides advice to the DOE (in December 2008). (12/1/2008)
Citi GPS Report: Investment Themes in 2015, Dealing with Divergence

Citi GPS is pleased to present our investment themes for 2015 and well wishes to all readers of the Citi GPS series successful investing in the year ahead. As in 2014, these themes are a mixture of macro and asset class views together with several ideas selected from our global industry analysis. At the end of each year we conduct a survey to ask users of Citi Research which themes they would like to see us tackle in the year ahead1. We have used the intelligence of this survey to scope this annual Citi GPS Investment Themes report.