Market Studies

Worldwide Nanotechnology Electric Vehicle (Ev) Market Shares Strategies, And Forecasts, 2009 To 2015 A report on EV trends and forecasts (10/16/2010)
Decentralized Energy Management and Virtual Power Plants Kema presentation on smart grid and energy storage (1/8/2011)
Video: Roundtable with A123, Ice Energy and IDC Energy

Stephen Lacey talks about the energy storage landscape with A123 Systems, Ice Energy and IDC Energy Insights at the Renewable Energy World North America Conference & Expo.

The Energy Storage Technologies Market 2010-2020

In the report, the rapidly growing EST market is fully analyzed, identifying key trends across the sector. The report provides the most informed projection for the direction of the market over the coming ten years, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of regional markets with targeted sales forecasts.

50by50 Prospects and Progress A report outlining progress and opportunities to improve fuel economy 50% by 2050. (3/10/2011)
Batteries and Ultra-Capacitors for the Smart Power Grid: Market Opportunities -2016 The smart grid of the future will include significant electrical storage as part of the solution to increase the grids efficiency, enhance reliability, and help reduce the environmental impact of supplying the electrical power needs of modern society. (2/17/2011)