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NY-BEST Policy Update - June 2013

The New York State Legislature ended its 2013 legislative session this past weekend. Here’s a brief summary of notable actions for the energy sector:

Start-Up New York – The NYS Legislature passed legislation to implement Governor Cuomo’s Tax Free NY program. Start-up New York (SUNY Tax-free Areas to Revitalize and Transform UPstate NY) is designed to foster entrepreneurialism and job creation on a large scale by transforming public higher education through tax-free communities across the state, particularly upstate. The State University of New York campus system, along with other college communities, will serve as the framework of the START-UP NY program to attract high-tech and other start-ups, venture capital, new business and investments from across the world. START-UP NY is intended to attract companies to bring their ventures to Upstate New York by offering new businesses the opportunity to operate completely tax-free – including no income tax for employees, no sales, property or business tax – while also partnering with the world-class higher education institutions in the SUNY system. For more information, see the Governor’s press release summarizing the program.  READ MORE>>

CAIR Program Plan

New York State’s regulations that implement the federal Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) programs to control nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are set forth at 6 NYCRR Parts 243 and 244. These regulations establish seasonal and annual emissions cap-and-trade programs that are designed to mitigate interstate transport of ozone and fine particulate pollution. These regulatory programs will, in concert with other programs, assist states in the eastern U.S. in attaining the ozone and PM2.5 national ambient air quality standards.

NY-BEST Policy Update - Cuomo Announces the Installation of Hundereds of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Governor Cuomo today announced that more than 360 electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid charging stations will be installed across the state as part of the Charge NY initiative.

Charge NY is an initiative to create a statewide network of up to 3,000 public and workplace charging stations over the next five years and to put up to 40,000 plug-in vehicles on the road during that period. The initiative is being spearheaded by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).  READ MORE>>

Indian Point Contingency Plan

The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST) respectfully submits the following comments in regard to the Indian Point Contingency Plan.  Con Edison and NYPA have proposed to include 100 MW of Energy Efficiency/Demand Reduction/CHP in their Plan to address the potential closing of the Indian Point nuclear facility. In their February 1, 2013 proposal and in Con Edison’s March 12, 2013 Reply Comments in the case, Con Edison specifically includes energy storage as an acceptable form of demand reduction.

NY-BEST Policy Update – March 2013

The NYS Legislature has passed the 2013-14 State Budget, which takes effect April 1st, 2013.  We have identified several initiatives in the Budget that may be of interest to you.  These include: Charge NY Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment Tax Credit, Microgrids, New York State Business Incubator and Innovation Hot Spot Support Act, New York State Innovation Venture Capital Fund, Next Generation Job Linkage Incentive Program, Manufacturers Tax Cut, Linked Deposit Expansion.

2011-2012 CAIR Report

The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology ConsortiumTM (NY-BEST) was announced in 2009 to help position New York as a global leader in energy storage technology for heavy-duty transportation, electric grid, and other applications. NYSERDA was charged with working with industry and academic partners to establish this industry-driven consortium, which is being seeded by NYSERDA with approximately $25 million through Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) proceeds. The Consortium was incorporated by its 17 member Board of Directors in January 2010 as a New York State not-for-profit corporation. In December 2010, Bill Acker was hired by the Board as Executive Director of NY-BEST and Capitol Hill Management Services was hired by the Board to provide association management services.

New York Solar Roadmap

The purpose of this New York Solar roadmap is to provide a reference document to
all stakeholders of the industry. Its objective is to identify the state’s specific needs
and to recommend innovative solutions to meet the future challenges related to this
industry. It enables all industry, university and government participants to plan ahead
— based on known and anticipated trends in the industry — as they put in place
substantial investments, consortia and commercial cooperative ventures.

The New NY Agenda: Power NY Policy document on the need for a smart electric grid, including storage, developed by then Governor-elect Cuomo. (1/1/2011)
MEMO OF SUPPORT SENATE BILL 2522 (Maziarz)/ ASSEMBLY BILL 5060 (Englebright)

The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium strongly supports the qualified solar and energy storage manufacturers and operations credit.  This proposal will provide a tax credit to eligible companies of 20% on research and development and manufacturing property and a 10% credit for qualified research and development expenses.

New York Energy Highway Blue Print