A Wealth of Energy Storage Resources

Looking for partners, components or materials to support your energy storage product/technology development? How about world-class experts, including the inventor of the lithium ion battery?

Your search is over.

I’m pleased to share the news that the NY-BEST Energy Storage Supply Chain database has gone ‘live’ on the NY-BEST website. Using this database, interested parties can look for—and hopefully, find—various resources related to energy storage technologies. The resources in the database include materials and component suppliers, equipment and tools, experts and much more.

While the database is ‘live’ it is not complete…nor will it ever be. NY-BEST is working to continuously update, refine and expand the resources present in the database, and in fact, you may have recently received an email from us asking you to review/edit/revise your listing if you are listed as a contact for any resource currently in our system. If you received such an email from us, and have responded—Thank You. If you’ve not yet responded, please consider doing so now. And if you did not get an email from us (or mis-filed the first one) please contact me at jcerveny@ny-best.org and request a form to include your information.

The current database has been tested and vetted with a small group of users, but will undoubtedly be subject to revision and improvements over the coming weeks and months. I’d ask and encourage you to visit the database, search for something of interest, and see how it works for you. I’d greatly appreciate feedback on your experience, good and bad. We want to make this a useful, usable tool in order to help identify resources and grow the energy storage industry in New York State.

In the Energy Storage Economic Impact study in 2012, and in 2013 the New York State Energy Storage Supply Chain Analysis, NY-BEST documented the current status and future potential for the energy storage industry in the State. It is quite clear that in order to fully realize the future envisioned in these studies, the development of a robust supply chain for development, production and deployment of energy storage products is a ‘must do’. The Supply Chain database is an important step along this path, as is our upcoming NY-BEST Energy Storage Supply Chain and Manufacturing Conference and Expo to be held in early September in Rochester. I encourage you to get involved—use the database, attend/exhibit/sponsor our conference and take advantage of the tremendous networking opportunities available to you through your association with NY-BEST. We’re here to help.