Exciting Times for Energy Storage

We just held this year’s NY-BEST Technology Conference in Syracuse and the level of excitement was the highest ever for this event.  There were many great presentations and posters about the latest advances in energy storage technology, but there was a broader reason for the excitement.  Events in the world at large are driving a growing need for energy storage.

The BEST Testing and Commercialization Center

We at NY-BEST are very excited by our recent announcement regarding the BEST Testing and Commercialization Center in Rochester.  This center was an important part of the strategic plan presented in our New York State Energy Storage Roadmap.  Establishing such a center provides key capabilities needed to accelerate the commercial deployment of energy storage technologies in New York.

Tesla Demonstrates Battery Swapping Station

Tesla Motors recently demonstrated a battery swapping station that changes the battery in a Model S in 90 seconds.  The vehicle parks on the service pad and automated equipment detaches the battery from under the vehicle, lowers it, brings up a charged battery, and reattaches the battery. You can view a video of the process online here.