Walking the Walk

I’ve wrestled with writing this blog ever since attending a conference early this year where one of the speakers asked the attendees to stand up if we had solar panels on our homes—and a handful stood.  He then proceeded ask those who drove an electric or plug-in electric vehicle to stand—and fewer than five of us were left standing.  So what follows are my thoughts on this to hopefully provide grist for thought and not end up sounding like a ham-handed sermon…

Electric Vehicle Charging in New York State gets a Big Boost

One of the ten-year goals set forth in last fall’s New York Energy Storage Roadmap was for New York to accelerate the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  Given this goal, we at NY-BEST were pleased by Governor Cuomo’s announcement of the Charge NY initiative during his State of the State address earlier this year.

Update from the Road: Energy Storage Times Two

Last week I attended the 6th Annual Storage Week Summit in an uncharacteristically rainy and cool Austin, TX. It was great to see so many NY-BEST members in attendance and as presenters during the two days of sessions. I came away with a pile of business cards, five 'pages' of notes on my iPad and some observations that I thought I'd share here.

Storage and the PSC Solicitation

On March 14, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a proposal to seek 1,350 MW of generation or transmission that would be used to keep the grid reliable in the event that the Indian Point nuclear power plant shuts down in a few years.  The current operating license for Indian Point expires in December, 2015 and its renewal is the subject of intense debate.  Entergy, the operator of the plant, has been awaiting word on the renewal from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the past five years.