Public Leader Support for Energy Storage

This month’s “Capture the Energy” conference in Troy was a great success and provided an opportunity to observe some of the significant progress being made in our field.  An especially notable feature of the conference was the level of participation by leaders from the public sector in New York and their growing enthusiasm for the role of energy storage.

I thought I would share some of the comments made by these leaders during their speeches and panel discussion appearances.

Batteries and the Dreamliner

Battery safety has figured prominently in the news recently because of incidents related to the lithium-ion batteries aboard Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and the subsequent grounding of the fleet.  Given the potentially severe outcome of any system failure onboard an aircraft, it is clear that some of this attention is warranted, however, the sheer number of articles and column inches devoted to these incidents seems disproportionate to the actual events as reported.

Spotlighting Our Members

If you’ve recently visited the NY-BEST website (and are a careful observer) you may have noticed that the main window has a new feature:  the Member Spotlight.  This will be an ongoing series highlighting NY-BEST members and their roles in New York’s growing energy storage industry.