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Storage and the PSC Solicitation

On March 14, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a proposal to seek 1,350 MW of generation or transmission that would be used to keep the grid reliable in the event that the Indian Point nuclear power plant shuts down in a few years.  The current operating license for Indian Point expires in December, 2015 and its renewal is the subject of intense debate.  Entergy, the operator of the plant, has been awaiting word on the renewal from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the past five years.

Public Leader Support for Energy Storage

This month’s “Capture the Energy” conference in Troy was a great success and provided an opportunity to observe some of the significant progress being made in our field.  An especially notable feature of the conference was the level of participation by leaders from the public sector in New York and their growing enthusiasm for the role of energy storage.

I thought I would share some of the comments made by these leaders during their speeches and panel discussion appearances.


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