Ross D.Groffman

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NextEra Energy Resources, LLC
Exective Director

Candidate Profile

Please describe your experience with NY-BEST: 
NextEra has been an active board member with NY-BEST and looks forward to continuing in that role well into the future. We've been particularly active in working with NY-BEST to create a meaningful response to the NYISO's GE Study on Capacity Valuation, and have enjoyed a close working relationship with NY-BEST leadership (staff) and its members to craft a response to ensure that the NYISO appropriately values all attributes associated with energy storage resources.
Please describe your experience with the Battery & Energy Storage Industry: 
Responsible for all NextEra Development in the Northeast including Solar, Wind and Energy Storage. Storage projects include East Hampton Energy Storage Center that has been operating since Summer 2018 (5 MW / 40 MWh), Montauk Energy Storage Center will be operating winter 2019 (5 MW / 40 MWh). NextEra was awarded Excelsior Energy Center with 280 MW of solar and 20 MW / 80 MWh of energy storage. Part of NextEra Development's leadership team in storage development and deployment, which is presently the largest deployer of energy storage in the U.S.
Please describe why you would be a good candidate for the board: 
As a developer, I can bring to the Board a unique perspective of someone who not only understands the market rules and state policies as they relate to storage, but also understands the technology and economics around the various storage technologies. Likewise, I look forward to investing the depth of knowledge that comes from my own experience, and our collective corporate experience throughout the country on storage technology and deployment, on behalf of NY-BEST and its members.
Brief Bio: 
Ross Groffman is a Vice President at NextEra Energy Resources, LLC. Mr. Groffman is responsible for NextEra’s Northeast generation development, including universal scale solar, wind, and energy storage projects. His activities include the management of generation development projects, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Previously at NextEra he was a Director in the Canadian wind development group, and was a Project Director in the Midwest wind development group. Mr. Groffman graduated from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Organization Type: 
Energy Storage Industry