NY-BEST Member: Bettergy Corp.


BETTERGY CORP., located in Peekskill, New York, is an energy materials and nanotechnology company developing advanced batteries and nanopore engineered membranes. The Company was established to conceive, develop and commercialize innovative energy and environmental technologies. Bettergy is committed to commercializing its products through technology innovation, development, and transitioning and has assembled a world class team with expertise in a number of fields, including nanomaterial science and engineering, polymer science and engineering, gas separation and catalysis, battery and fuel cell development and manufacturing, and electrochemistry. Bettergy is developing clean, industrial strength energy storage that sets a new standard for the combination of affordability, performance, safety and form factor. It is also developing nanopore engineered membrane technologies, including ionic conductive membranes for use in energy storage technologies and other processes, and high selectivity, stable, membranes for use in gas separation. http://www.bettergy.com

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Lin-Feng Li