NY-BEST Member: CQuest Partners LLC


CQuest Partners LLC is commercializing next-generation, renewable energy storage technology for fuel cells, supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries and beyond. CQuest Partners recently acquired the licensing for a unique graphene-like carbon nanosheet technology developed by Dr. David Mitlin at the University of Alberta. Efforts are underway to establish an R&D and production facility in Potsdam, NY, near Clarkson University, where Dr. Mitlin is currently employed. Plans are to develop these new materials and energy storage device prototypes for licensing to industry leaders and developers for a broad range of applications. CQuest Partners will be pursuing a pipeline of related IP to broaden the scope of the carbon nanosheet technology. Potential partnerships and licensing to dozens of already interested companies offer the opportunity to take the energy storage industry to the next level of efficiency and sustainability industry-wide and provide significantly greater accessibility to clean energy for the global community.

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Gary Charboneau