NY-BEST Member: Expansion Energy LLC


EXPANSION ENERGY LLC is a developer and licensor of breakthrough technologies designed to solve key challenges in the Energy and Industrial sectors, substantially improving their operations, efficiency, sustainability and profitability. Cryogenics and the processing of gases are "common threads" between each of the technologies in the company’s diverse and ever-growing portfolio of intellectual property, which includes numerous U.S. and international patents. Expansion Energy's innovations focus on improving the production, transport, storage, processing and conversion of energy and related natural resources. Expansion Energy's power storage technology -- called the "VPS Cycle" -- is an advanced, ultra-high efficiency liquid air energy storage (LAES) technology, which can be deployed above-ground at virtually any location at scales from 2 MW to 100's of MW, and has a daily power outflow period of 4-12 hours. The VPS Cycle technology is applicable for Utility-Scale "on-the-grid" deployments and for Commercial-Scale "behind-the-meter" deployments. Expansion Energy's business model is primarily the licensing of its technologies to Energy and Industrial companies worldwide. For more information, please visit www.expansion-energy.com.

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David Vandor