NY-BEST Member: GILDEMEISTER energy stoage GmbH


GILDMEISTER energy storage, previously part of the German DMG Mori group of companies, is leading in the development and commercialization of vanadium redox flow energy storage systems. Based on the vanadium redox flow technology the storage system CellCubeTM allows for a clean, zero-emission and fast energy supply. With these features it offers the optimal solution to provide power provision, e.g. in combination with renewable energy at any time. The use of vanadium salts increases the safety and operating life of the battery as they are neither flammable nor explosive and are not subject to cycle degradation. This leads to almost unlimited cycles of charging and discharging with up to 80% efficiency and a 100% depth of discharge capability. With simple and independent scalability of power output and storage capacity the CellCubeTM is in operation worldwide for individual industrial applications, to smoothen the power output, for e-mobility solutions but also for off-grid applications and for the power supply in regions without a stable power grid.

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