NY-BEST Member: Kilowatt Labs, Inc.


Kilowatt Labs is a power electronics company based in New York City that has developed the Sirius Energy Storage System, a supercapacitor-based storage technology that is approximately as dense as Lithium Ion, can be charged in less than 30 seconds, scales to any size, and has an expected life of 1,000,000 cycles. As a supercapacitor-based system, it can withstand a wider range of ambient temperature than chemical storage systems, can be fully discharged (DOD 100%) without damage, and has a 99.1% round trip efficiency, and generates very little heat during operation. Coupled with Kilowatt's proprietary electronics, it can be used for long-discharge applications, making it an ideal replacement for any chemical battery application. Kilowatt has engaged several respected testing agencies to validate the company's claims, such as the National Renewable Energy Lanoratory, DNV GL, and EPRI through a NYSERDA grant to ConEd. The Company is negotiating many commercial opportunities, and is expected to ramp production meaningfully in the second half of 2017. Applications include fully off-grid power systems, grid level storage, replacement of lead acid batteries in cellular towers, batteries for street lights, marine applications, KERS applications, electric vehicles, forklifts, and many more.

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