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Praxair, Inc. At Praxair, 26,000 employees in more than 50 countries are working together towards a common goal: making our planet more productive. For more than 100 years, Praxair has taken something as fundamental as air and turned it into ways to make plants operate cleaner and more productively, food taste better, breathing easier and manufacturing processes more efficient -- in short, to make all our lives better. More information about Praxair, Inc. is available at www.praxair.com. Praxair currently supplies industrial gases to the lithium ion battery industry, including oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide for manufacturing cathode, anode and electrolyte materials and for battery manufacturing and assembly processes. We also supply hydrogen for fuel cells, inert gases (nitrogen, argon, and helium), controlled gas atmospheres for oxidizing, reducing, sintering, calcination, and annealing, welding gases, and specialty gases for electronics and other industries. Praxair Surface Technologies is a leading supplier of high-purity metal and ceramic powders and advanced surface coatings. We are ready to help the energy storage industry to develop and improve manufacturing processes and products, and to become more productive.

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