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PyroPhobic Systems Ltd. manufactures fire resistant intumescent thermoplastic materials that contain runaway lithium battery fires to a single point. Lithium Prevent is an injection molded solution to replace engineered plastics in lithium battery modules. A NASA white paper provides an independent evaluation of the product which concludes IntuPlas is effective means to stop a runaway lithium battery event to a single point. Please see p. 3 of 11, 2nd column, lower paragraph of the attached NASA white paper. The summary of the report follows: •IntuPlas material, a fire-resistant intumescent block was designed to physically separate the cells from one another. • Intumescents are often used to give structural members in buildings up to 2 hours of fire resistance, tested by ASTM E119. •The Intuplas (Lithium Prevent) material transforms from a white thermoplastic into a dense, thermally insulating ash, starting at around 80◦C. •The heat released by a cell undergoing thermal runaway will activate this material, isolating the heat from neighboring cells. Also, Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose, CA released the final report for project #1247 titled "Safety of Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide Battery Packs in Transit Bus Applications". (http://transweb.sjsu.edu/project/1247.html). The report also concludes that IntuPlas is an effective method to contain a runaway event for large cylindrical lithium ion batteries. You also may be interested in a link to a report by DNV GL for Con Edison: (https://www.dnvgl.com/energy/themes/energy-storage.html). The report discusses: • The most challenging aspect of the battery fire is its deep-seated nature. • Access to the heat source is necessary to provide adequate cooling. • Cooling the battery once flames are knocked down is the most important aspect of containing battery fires. IntuPlas is a passive fire barrier separator system, that when placed in direct contact, it immediately cools a runaway event to prevent cascading through the pack.

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