NY-BEST Member: The Standard Hydrogen Corporation


Electrical energy storage has the potential to fundamentally transform the way we use energy, for the better. It is enabling a more distributed, efficient and resilient electric grid. It is providing for electric-drive zero emission vehicles (ZEVs), and is powering the infrastructure for improved recharging and rapid refueling of these electric zero emission vehicles. The Standard Hydrogen Corporation (SHC) believes in this bright future enabled by electrical energy storage. SHC is enabling acceleration to that future through commercializing hydrogen energy storage. SHC's mission is to harness hydrogen, the most abundant element, and utilize it for the dual purpose of enabling grid-connected energy services, and as a ZEV transportation fuel. SHC is commercializing Hydrogen Energy Services™ to enable better use of renewable energy resources, match capacity to demand, and to recharge electrical vehicles and rapidly refuel hydrogen electric vehicles at our Onsite Energy Stations™. Simultaneously. Economically. SHC is establishing a network of grid-tied, onsite produced hydrogen facilties to power both great advancements to today’s grid and the refueling of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles tomorrow. Our proprietary HyGEL™ platform (Hydrogen for Greenhouse gas ELimination) offers both functionalities from the same site. SHC's hydrogen energy storage services provide a best-in-class versatility and duration of electrical energy storage. Simultaneously, hydrogen refueling enables zero emission driving of a different caliber of what is available from battery electric vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles provide 300-400 miles range and 3-5 minute refueling times. Finally, SHC does all of this in a completely emissions free operation, as our source energy is curtailed or lower value renewables and other non-carbon sources.

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