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October 3, 2012

On Thursday this week, NY-BEST will host an informational webinar in which we will preview and discuss the New York State Energy Storage Roadmap and the economic impact study we recently commissioned. The Roadmap is the product of numerous discussions, debates and work done by a multitude of stakeholders from across the State and beyond. This effort was initiated back in March at the Capture the Energy 2012 conference. Over 50 individuals were a part of that initial effort, and since that time, dozens more have had a hand in crafting, reviewing and shaping the Roadmap.

The Roadmap is intended to be a guide that will move the energy storage industry in New York State forward from its present state to one that results in the creation of new companies and jobs, the installation and use of energy storage products across the State and the world that were invented and produced here, and the modernization of our electric grid and transportation system. In short, the Roadmap lays out the pathways and actions that industry, policy makers, and technology developers need to follow in order to reach our collective destination.

The second part of the webinar will highlight the results from the study "The Economic Impact of Developing an Energy Storage Industry in New York State" recently completed for NY-BEST by the ECG Consulting Group. In the course of the study, ECG's analysts reviewed industry research, performed dozens of in-person and phone interviews with key stakeholders and built models describing both a base case and an optimistic case scenario. The results are, in a word, stunning. We've long held that the opportunities presented by advanced energy storage technologies are the most exciting and potentially transformative initiatives for the State and Nation.  ECG's report reinforces this view and provides detailed projections that indicate the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in our State in the coming decades based on energy storage technologies. I'd like to thank ECG for the excellent work they've done to produce this report.

For details on both of these major initiatives, I'd ask you to join us as we present them in the webinar this Thursday, October 4th at 11:00AM Eastern. To get more information on the webinar and to register, please follow this link.

I'd also like to welcome our newest member:

Tumalow (Troy, NY) makes software that is used to find the optimal match between electrical energy storage equipment and an end user or customer.

Best Regards,

William Acker
Executive Director

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NY-BEST Member News:

GE Announces $63 million in New Orders for Breakthrough Battery
Energy Storage business announced today $63 million in new Durathon battery orders since the business launched in July. In its first weeks of operation, the business secured 10 new telecom customer orders across several regions, including Africa, Asia, India and the U.S. - powering a total of more than 3,500 cell towers. The breakthrough battery provides reliable and cost-effective energy storage options for a broad range of global customers and is being produced at GE's advanced manufacturing factory here.

Siemens concept for the intelligent distribution and use of energy
From October 9 to 11, 2012, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities will be presenting a consistent, end-to-end concept for the intelligent distribution and use of energy in Amsterdam at three specialized events that have been rolled into one: "Metering, Billing/CRM Europe," "Transmission & Distribution Europe/Smart Grids Europe," and "Smart Homes". The concept includes smart metering and smart grid solutions for meter data management and energy management in buildings, a smart grid consulting tool, as well energy storage solutions to stabilize distribution grids.

Electrovaya Launches Next Generation Lithium Ion SuperPolymer(R) Cell & Battery Technology: MN-HP Series
Electrovaya Inc. (TSX:EFL) announced the launch of its next generation SuperPolymer® cell and battery technology; "MN-HP Series." The Energy version of this technology, MN-eHP exceeds 200Wh/kg, which we believe is one of the highest energy densities for a commercial Lithium Ion cell in a large prismatic design.

ElectroMotive Designs LLC
ElectroMotive Designs LLC (EMD) engineers products for electric and hybrid electric vehicles with a focus on product development, integration design, and engineering support.

New Investment Firm To Collaborate With Energy Companies
Broadscale says it has created a network of large power and utility companies - including Duke Energy, General Electric and National Grid - to invest in and help commercialize new technologies and services offered by growth-stage companies.

DNV KEMA Joins U.K.'s Energy And Utilities Alliance
DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, an energy consulting, testing and certification company, has joined the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), a not-for-profit trade association focused on policies related to the U.K.'s energy and utilities sector.

Saft launches first onboard Li-ion battery system for regenerative ...
rolling stock braking energy for traction - resulting in economic and energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Berlin

GM offers big discounts to boost Volt sales
General Motors rolled out the Chevrolet Volt two years ago with lofty sales goals and the promise of a new technology that someday would help end America's dependence on oil.

Former General Motors Exec Bob Lutz: "GM 'Loses' Over $40K Per Volt Is Preposterous"
Remember the post about an hour ago about how a Reuters'-commisioned analyst claimed that General Motors was losing up to $49,000 per Chevrolet Volt? Well, a former GM exec wants everybody to know that that claim is not exactly what we call the truth. As Bob Lutz points out (and what I should have noticed in the first place, my apologies) is that this analyst is basically determining these costs by using the overall investment costs and dividing the difference by the number of Volts sold thus far. Lutz gives a quick breakdown of how the actual number crunching should be done and basically explains that the Volt isn't causing anywhere near those types of losses

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News from Beyond New York:

Renault and Others Debut Electric Cars at Paris Show
At the Paris Auto show, auto giant Renault extended its already strong commitment to electric vehicles yesterday by launching sales of a small electric car with a price and range that could offer mass appeal. Major German automakers Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler joined Renault's commitment to electric cars at the show by launching or announcing some of their first battery-only EVs. The show opens to the public today and runs for two weeks.

France: Saft shows new batteries at Paris show
Saft, the French multinational battery maker and one-time joint venture partner with Johnson Controls, is presenting at the 2012 Paris motor show lithium-ion battery systems for different automotive ...

Visteon Launches Thermal Management Products for Lithium-ion Batteries in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Visteon Corporation (NYSE: VC), a leading global automotive supplier, recently launched products featuring different approaches to battery thermal management on a number of new electric and hybrid vehicles.

Nissan Aims to Improve Communication With Leaf Owners
Spurred by a group of owners in Arizona, Nissan Motor is establishing an independent board to study how the automaker may better communicate with customers about the performance of its purely electric Leaf.

Tesla Unveils its Supercharger Network: "Drive for Free. Forever. On Sunlight."
Elon Musk has all the best toys. Not only does he get to play with (and build) space rockets at SpaceX, he's also chairman of the biggest solar installer in the U.S. (SolarCity) and CEO of the coolest electric car company. But his latest toy is particularly cool because it shows that Musk's goal is not to only make a few expensive EVs, but to actually demonstrate that electric cars can work in the real world and pull off a feat that hasn't been done in decades: build a viable new car company in the US.

Ford Offers Rules On EV Charging Etiquette (Video + Dash Charge Card)
According to Ford’s electric vehicle charging etiquette tutorial, the Focus Electric does, and not just because it is from Ford. The company goes on to state the obvious, that while no one can say for sure the pure electric Focus really needs a charge, the other two vehicles definitely do not.

ABB Installs First Terra 51 DC Fast Charger In U.S.
The first ABB fast charger for electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. is now installed and operational in New Berlin, Wis. It was completed earlier this month at ABB Inc.'s office and manufacturing facility.

ADS Releases Demand-Response Case Studies On Four Utilities
The Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid (ADS) has released new case studies that delve into demand-response program design and implementation at Progress Energy Carolinas, Gulf Power, Con Edison and Reliant.

EnerDel, Altair Sign Strategic MOU On Energy Storage Products
EnerDel Inc. and Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., two providers of energy storage solutions, have signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) to co-market and cross-sell their product portfolios.

Lab Tests: How long does the iPhone 5's battery last?
Given some of the iPhone 5’s other improvements—thinner body, larger screen, and greater number of pixels to illuminate—it wouldn't seem that the new phone could also match, much less exceed, its predecessor's battery life. And, in fact, it doesn't, though it comes close.

Lithium air batteries could give EVs the range expected of a fuelled car
After watching an episode of Top Gear in which Jeremy Clarkson pushed a Nissan LEAF along a road just outside Lincoln after it ran out of charge, many viewers may not have been convinced that electric cars were the future. Indeed, range anxiety is cited as one of the major barriers between electric vehicles and their widespread public adoption. Where petrol powered cars may travel for up to 500 miles before they run out of fuel, electric vehicles generally only manage 100.

SDG&E And Sudberry Properties Work Together To Create Smart Grid Community
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and Sudberry Properties executives were joined by Councilmember Lorie Zapf today to announce plans to create a "smart energy community" for the new Civita master-planned development in Mission Valley. 

Are Air-Cooled Batteries Hurting Nissan Leaf Range?
For months, Nissan Leaf owners in Arizona have complained about degrading battery capacity from high heat. Now, a group of Leaf owners have performed a test that appears to add credence to those claims.

Spray-on Battery Technology Puts a Charge Into Energy Field
Imagine the day you'll be able to recharge your new mobile gadgets with the clothes you're wearing or even the paint on the gadgets themselves. That day may be closer than you think.

$4 Million To Improve Battery Performance
PARC, a Xerox company, announced yesterday it has signed a $4 million contract with the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) under the program for Advanced Management and Protection of Energy Storage Devices (AMPED).

Corvus Batteries For New Hybrid Tugboats
More than two megawatts of batteries designed and manufactured by Corvus Energy will be at the heart of four new 542 kWh hybrid tugboats now being built for the Gorgon Project.

Toshiba Unveils Home Battery System for Back-Up Power
As we keep bumping along toward a smarter, more connected grid, large-scale battery systems are becoming an increasingly important part of stabilizing the delivery of electricity. Especially as more renewable sources of energy are added to the power mix, back-up power storage will be necessary to smooth out the gaps in power generation from things like wind and solar power.

Ford Cuts Rare-Earth Metal Use In Hybrid Batteries, But ...
They're needed in one type of electric motor and various electronic components, and volume projections for hybrid and electric cars mean that increasingly larger quantities will be required.

Pictures: Seven Ingredients for Better Electric Car Batteries
Carbon is just one material in a whole pantry of ingredients being treated and mixed in new ways in hopes of concocting a battery that lasts longer, costs less, stores more energy, delivers greater bursts of power, and occupies less space than the lithium-ion batteries commonly used today. About a dozen new electric vehicle models are set to hit the road before the end of this year, but most analysts predict only slow market penetration of  EVs—due mainly to the high costs and unwieldiness of today's batteries.

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