Combined Energies Member Spotlight

Combined Energies LLC is an early stage startup based in Latham, NY initially focused on commercializing novel power electronics technology for the alternative distributed energy market.   The company’s technology is designed to expand the flexibility, feasibility and cost effectiveness of energy storage systems. Combined Energies’ unique low-voltage high-boost power system was specifically developed for the distributed energy market as a replacement for generic converter designs that are not optimized for alternative energy applications.

Battery energy storage systems are composed of multiple individual cells combined in strings to achieve a specific voltage output.  The active area of the battery system determines the overall energy storage capability.   The target voltage of these systems has generally been selected to suit available power converter technology, which has been optimized for cost and efficiency without specific regard to energy storage requirements.  Combined Energies has instead created a power electronics design that emphasizes and optimizes the system-level performance of energy storage equipment.

A persistent challenge to dispersed DC renewable generation systems, whether solar, fuel cell or advanced energy storage has been the efficient collection of energy as output potential (voltage) drops due to reduced sunlight on the solar cell, discharge of a battery/capacitor or aging of fuel cell stack.   Combined Energies has developed a power electronics solution matched to the performance characteristics of these variable low-voltage DC sources.   They call the product Marathon LR.

Marathon provides a unique ability to efficiently boost variable low voltage input to high-quality, high voltage output.   It interleaves multiple parallel dc-dc converters to lower the RMS switching currents, distribute dissipated heat and enable soft switching capabilities.  The result is a DC-DC converter that increases in boost efficiency as the input voltage drops; performance characteristics opposite of most commercially available converters and ideally suited for variable low voltage DC sources.

The overall goal of the company’s unique and patented designs is to address the energy storage sector’s need for cost-effective, low-voltage, high-current DC power converters will allow energy storage solutions to have an expanded system duty cycle, increase financial competitiveness and increase overall return on investment. 

The management team at Combined Energies represents a combined 50+ years’ experience in developing and commercializing technology products for the alternative energy market.  The company has utilized NYSERDA funding in developing its core technology and to help put in place its intellectual property portfolio. “Combined Energies is excited to join and participate in NY-BEST. We feel this is an ideal forum to meet and collaborate with other innovators in what should prove to be an exciting high growth market” said Rhonda Staudt, Managing Member.

Combined Energies seeks to partner with new and established players in the energy storage arena with a goal of integrating and demonstrate the benefits of Marathon LR technology.