Hydrogenics Member Spotlight

Hydrogenicsis a world leader in hydrogen cleantech products.  The company’s lines of business include on-site hydrogen generation for industrial applications and H2 refueling stations, fuel cell power modules for back-up power and mobility OEMs, and the emerging Power-to-Gas energy storage market.The company is based in Mississauga, Ontario and has operations in Germany, Belgium and the US.   It is publically traded on NASDAQ (HYGS) and the TSX (HYG).

Hydrogenics’ industrial on-site hydrogen generation customers use electrolyzers to convert electricity to hydrogen for a wide range of manufacturing applications including float glass, metallurgical, electronics, and food processing.  Another growing application is hydrogen refueling stations as leading jurisdictions are building a critical mass of fueling infrastructure in advance of the commercial introduction of FCEVs.  Hydrogenics’ electrolysis-based fueling stations meet SAE and local standards, can be located in densely populated urban areas, and supply extremely clean fuel at 99.999% purity.The company has installed over 500 HySTAT™ alkaline electrolyzer industrial units worldwide providing safe and reliable service, and the company has built and commissioned over 45 refueling stations.

Hydrogenics’ power systems business is based on its proprietary PEM fuel cell technologyused to generate electricity from the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.  The HyPM™ product line is built on three fuel cell power modules that isconfigured to meet customers’ requirements.  One key market segment is backup power systems for cellular towers and data centers where Hydrogenicssupplies systems ranging from 2.4 kW to 100 kW.

Hydrogenics also designs fuel cell power modules for OEMs of light fleet transportation, urban transit bus, heavy commercial fleet, and military vehicleapplications.  Hydrogenics recently announced the introduction of the new Celerity fuel cell system developed specifically for medium and heavy-duty buses and trucks.  The goal of the product is to help accelerate the commercialization of zero emission vehicles by providing OEMs with an all-in design that includes optimal voltage and form factor configurations that facilitate rapid integration into these vehicles without the need for voltage conversion packages.

The interest in large scale energy storage has increased around the world in parallel with the growing penetration of renewable generation.  Power-to-Gas uses electrolysis to convert surplus renewable generation when it is not needed into renewable hydrogen to be used where and when it is needed.  The renewable hydrogen can be used for FCEV fueling, injected into the natural gas grid for seasonal storage or used as a renewable feedstock in the refining of conventional gasoline and diesel.  A key element of the value proposition of Power-to-Gas is that it also provides ancillary services such as regulation to the Grid Operator.  To date 30 Power-to-Gas pilot projects have been launched in Europe, and the first Power-to-Gas project in North America—a 2MW plant in Ontario to provide regulation services to the IESO was recently announced. 

Hydrogenics is the supplier of turn-key electrolyzer systems for 9 of these projects.  It has developed the first MW scale electrolyzer stack with unparalleled power density using PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology.  The first unit will be commissioned in early 2015.  This MW scale electrolyzer will provide the compact, scalable platform needed for commercial scale Power-to-Gas projects of 40MW to 100MW.  With its next generation electrolyzer, Hydrogenics will continue its tradition of helping customers around the world accelerate the shift to a cleaner energy future.