NY-BEST was pleased to attend the official announcement at Queens College for the release of the New York Energy Storage Roadmap.  NY-BEST Executive Director, Dr. William Acker, said, "The Energy Storage Roadmap represents a major step toward realizing the State's 1500 MW storage deployment target by 2025, harnessing the benefits that energy storage can provide to the electric grid while also creating a robust market and thousands of new jobs for New York's economy. NY-BEST and our members look forward to working with state partners to implement the Roadmap actions and build the energy storage sector in New York. " Learn more here. Click here to access NY-BEST's summary of the roadmap. 

On December 13, 2018, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an Order establishing an Energy Storage Goal and Deployment Policy and taking action the recommendations of New York Energy Storage Roadmap. 


In the Order, PSC adopted a statewide energy storage goal of installing up to 3,000 MW of qualified storage energy systems by 2030, with an interim objective of deploying 1,500 MW of energy storage systems by 2025. The interim objective is consistent with Governor Cuomo’s previously announced storage goal. 


The Commission’s Order includes a host of actions to achieve the energy storage deployment goals. These are organized in 7 major categories:

1) Retail Rate Actions

2) Utility Roles

3) Direct Procurement Approaches

4) Market Acceleration Incentives

5) Address Soft Costs

6) Clean Peak Actions

7) Wholesale Market Actions and Distribution/Wholesale Market Coordination

A summary of the Commission’s actions in each of these categories is provided in the document below.