Energy Storage Soft Costs Resources

NY-BEST is working with NYSERDA on an initiative to reduce soft costs for distributed energy storage resources. NYSERDA’s goal with the program is to help residents, businesses, local governments, utilities, and communities see energy storage as a viable and cost effective option for reducing peak load, increasing resilience, and utilizing clean energy efficiently. Through this program, NYSERDA and its partners will provide resources and technical assistance that will develop and implement comprehensive strategies to reduce distributed energy storage soft costs.

Energy Storage Services Fact Sheet

NY-BEST is pleased to provide a new information resource for parties interested in developing energy storage projects in New York State. The Energy Storage Services Fact Sheet summarizes value streams currently available for energy storage systems installed in New York State. This easy to use guide provides information on each currently monetizable service, a description of the compensation mechanism, the compensation price and/or factors influencing compensation, and any regulations or limitations related monetizing each service. The Fact Sheet also includes information on service classifications and demand response programs for each New York investor owned utility. NY-BEST will be issuing a more comprehensive Energy Storage Guide later in 2017 that will provide additional information, including methods for stacking value. Some of these considerations are included in the Fact Sheet and a more detailed analysis will be in the forth-coming guide. The Fact Sheet and upcoming guide are part of a suite of research and resources funded by NYSERDA to reduce storage soft costs and provide technical assistance resources to New York State. More information on energy storage market opportunities can be found on the NY-BEST website or the NYSERDA energy storage program website at

Oct 30, 2017
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