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David Rea

Engineering Practice Leader



APPLIEDLOGIX LLC Our team members are experienced in developing power electronics, custom embedded controllers, signal conditioning and filtering devices, precision analog circuitry and safety-critical devices. Past projects range from proof-of-concept prototypes through volume-production devices, including regulatory approvals and signal integrity / power integrity predictive analysis.


Application Area: Grid - Other, Transportation - Other
Technology: Flow Battery/Fuel cell, Lead-acid battery, Lithium-ion battery, Supercapacitor, Sodium nickel chloride battery
Stage: Component manufacturing, Power Electronics and Control Systems Manufacturing, Project Development Engineering and Installation, Test and measurement, Product design, Other Subsystem Manufacturing
Products Offered: Battery management system, Power electronics/drive electronics
Services Offered: Product design, Product prototyping, Project management, System integration
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry

More Details

AppliedLogix develops advanced embedded electronics, control systems and power electronics.

Our hardware development capabilities include:

- Design and layout of custom circuit boards
- Integration of advanced System-on-Chip and FPGA devices
- Signal integrity and power integrity analysis
- High-performance FPGA development
- Power converters and battery chargers
- Wireless device design
- Regulatory and safety certifications including FCC, CE and UL

Our software development capabilities include:

- Application development for microcontroller, DSP, mobile device, PC and server environments
- Bootloaders and board support packages
- Custom device drivers
- Custom communication protocols (network, USB, wireless, etc.)
- Networked and Internet-enabled / cloud-connected devices