Supply Chain Profile: Bess-Tech

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Fernando Gomez-Baquero



BESSTECH is a component design and engineering venture. Our mission is to help battery manufacturers improve the performance of their batteries, reduce the manufacturing cost, and provide a solution that is more environmentally friendly. Our technologies allow battery manufacturers and industrial battery consumers to create cells with high volumetric energy density, ultrahigh power density, fast charging rate, and long cycle life.


Application Area: Professional services
Technology: Lithium-ion battery
Stage: Component manufacturing, Product design
Products Offered: Anode
Services Offered: Product design, Product prototyping, Project management, Research & development
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry
Organization Staffing: 1 to 5

More Details

besstech is a lithium-ion component design and engineering company, delivering design solutions to battery manufacturers and assemblers. We offer a silicon-based anode design for the requirements of high-end battery manufacturers. Our anode technology provides 4 times the energy capacity of carbon anodes, charging rates as low as 6 minutes, and a lifetime of over 1000 cycles. Our manufacturing process allows us to produce a full anode in less than 2 hours (vs. 2-4 weeks for traditional anodes) and eliminate the use of carbon and binders.