Supply Chain Profile: EOS Energy Storage

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Steve Hellman



EOS ENERGY STORAGE is developing a low-cost energy storage solution for electric utilities, with additional applications in commercial and industrial, telecom, and residential markets. Eos’s mission is to produce safe, robust, cost-effective energy storage solutions that are less expensive than incumbent alternatives, such as gas turbines for power generation.


Application Area: Grid - Other
Stage: Battery/Capacitor manufacturing, Energy storage system OEM
Products Offered: Battery cells, Entire battery system
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry
Organization Staffing: 101 to 500

More Details

Znyth™ (zinc hybrid cathode) battery technology. Titanium current collector with proprietary ceramic coating is permanently conductive, non-corrosive, and self-healing. Aqueous, near neutral pH electrolyte is non-dendritic and does not absorb CO2, eliminating carbonate clogging issues
Proprietary electrolyte additives and buffering agents enhance zinc solubility and plating to improve energy density and run-time. Hybridization of cathode chemistries and electro-active catalysts improves power density and roundtrip efficiency. Highly standardized manufacturing processes such as metal stamping and injection molding to keep manufacturing costs low. $160/kWh for the DC system. Aurora is projected to last 10,000 cycles for a 30-year calendar life. With a round trip efficiency of 75% in full depth of discharge applications.