Supply Chain Profile: Electrical Power worX Corp (EPX)

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Marcus Emerson

(607) 382-2130


ELECTRICAL POWER WORX CORP (EPX) - Energy conservation and renewable energy solutions. Electrical Power worX Corp (EPX) specializes in the development and manufacture of Energy Storage Systems for use in applications ranging from personal transportation to mass transit to utility scale renewable energy. Energy storage is a key element that enables energy conservation in power distribution networks where energy production and energy consumption may occur at different times or at different rates. At Electrical Power worX, we are not a manufacturer of the energy storage element, but rather the designer and manufacturer of the Energy Storage System. This allows us the freedom to select the best technology for the specific application.


Technology: Supercapacitor
Stage: Energy storage system OEM, Other Subsystem Manufacturing
Products Offered: Entire battery system
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry

More Details

Electrical Power worX is currently in the process of developing an Ultracapacitor-Based Energy Storage System for use in an electrified Mass Transit System. This energy storage system is capable of reducing overall energy consumption by up to 25% while stabilizing the energy delivery to the vehicles operating from the electrified supply.