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GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) Global Research is the hub of technology development for all of GE's businesses, with 10 global laboratories organized by scientific disciplines all focused on leveraging our technology breakthroughs across multiple GE businesses. Beyond the strong partnerships that scientists have with GE's business divisions, GE continues to look for the best partnerships with its customers, industry leaders, government and academia to enhance the company's technology capabilities.


Application Area: Grid - Other, Transportation - Other
Stage: Energy storage system OEM, Maintenance, Power Electronics and Control Systems Manufacturing, Project Development Engineering and Installation, Test and measurement
Products Offered: Entire battery system
Services Offered: Field engineering & installation, Maintenance, Project management, Testing & evaluation
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry
Organization Staffing: 6 to 50

More Details

Program Description: GE Global Research (GEGR) is one of the world's largest industrial laboratories. GEGR's facilities are dedicated to the GEMx battery development program. GEGR's Advanced Battery Lab includes the state of the art electrochemical cycling equipment, including 56 single cell test stands, 22 10-cell module test stands, one 120 cell module/battery test stand and one 250-cell module/battery test stand. An additional 32 single and 10-cell module test stands are being installed. In addition, GEGR has established safe and effective cell and battery post mortem analysis procedures that allow the determination of both macroscopic failure modes,mode and microscopic mechanistic details etc. This unique capability enables GEGR to perform root cause failure analysis and electrochemical performance back to cathorde based chemical mechanisms.

Engineering & Installation Services

GE offers a broad range of services including strong project management expertise, multi-vendor offerings and a global network of over 60 repair facilities and 5000+ field engineers and technicians globally.

site surveys
startup & commissioning
equipment installation
preventative maintenance
emergency service

Management Software
Dashboard display with one-click access to management information
Trend analysis
Scheduled or on demand reports
Fault, configuration, asset, and performance management

Large-scale expansion Drives
GE's Durathon battery