Supply Chain Profile: Horizon Power Source

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David Shaoulpour



Horizon Power Source is a diversified global leader in developing and supplying Lithium Energy Storage Solutions to the Transportation, Renewable Energy, Medical, Uninterruptable Power Supply, Telecommunication and Industrial industries in North America, Europe and Asia markets. Horizon’s commitment to providing customized high quality and high powered cost efficient battery energy solutions to clients originates at the New York Headquarter Office with the support of an experienced Design and Engineering Team. To ensure the confidence that the overseas resources are managed optimally, Horizon’s Beijing office provides the integration expertise to coordinate production to the precise specifications of clients globally. In addition to the dedication to product quality, Horizon’s professional Engineering Team is responsible for the global technical field support to clients and evolving projects from the conception to the commercialization phase.


Application Area: Grid - Other, Transportation - Other
Stage: Battery/capacitor management system manufacturing, Battery/Capacitor manufacturing
Products Offered: Battery cells, Entire battery system
Services Offered: Product design
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry

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Horizon Power Source provides the latest advance Lithium Battery technologies available in the following chemistries Iron Phosphate, Manganese Dioxide, Nickel Cobalt, Nickel Cobalt Manganese and Nickel Metal Hydride for your power source solutions.