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Lionano, Inc.



Lionano (the “Company”) is a supplier of high-performance, high-quality materials for lithium-ion battery manufacturers. The Company has developed a proprietary, nano-engineered material for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) that delivers improved energy density (2x), enhanced cycle life (2-3x) and costs 50% less than the most advanced cathode material on the market. The Company has scaled up production of the material to 50kg per batch, verified the product via independent testing, and sold its patented GalvatrodeTM product to major electric vehicle (EV) battery suppliers. The material is tailored for batteries used in EVs, consumer electronics and stationery energy storage.


Application Area: Grid - Other, Transportation - Other, Defense/military, Portable electronics, Health/medical
Technology: Lithium-ion battery
Stage: Battery/Capacitor manufacturing, Component manufacturing, Research & development
Products Offered: Raw materials, Anode, Cathode, Electrolyte, Battery cells
Services Offered: Product prototyping, Research & development
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry
Organization Staffing: 6 to 50