Supply Chain Profile: Sendyne Corp

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SENDYNE'S® patented and patent pending technology encompasses novel and effective approaches for solving many of the issues associated with large-scale storage, enabling cost reductions and superior performance in terms of pack utilization, enhanced cycle life and accurate capacity prediction. Initially focused on intellectual property development for both storage and generation technologies, the company was reformed in 2010, receiving additional funding to enable it to commercialize the fruits of its research. Sendyne's® team consists of industry veterans, many of whom played a significant role in the development of the smart battery system for notebook computers and other portable devices. Combined, the team has been awarded over 50 patents, including patents critical for battery system development. Sendyne® is a privately held company incorporated in the state of New York. It is headquartered in New York City’s historic Tribeca neighborhood.


Technology: Lithium-ion battery
Stage: Component manufacturing, Research & development
Products Offered: Anode, Cathode, Battery cells
Services Offered: Research & development
Organization Type: Energy Storage Industry
Organization Staffing: 6 to 50

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Primet’s process has been recognized by industry experts, US government laboratories, and the world’s leading battery producers as a step-change improvement over conventional technology for the production of advanced materials. The technology has been proven on a wide array of cathode and anode compositions that are in current use as well as next-generation high-voltage materials. Primet is ready to provide commercial quantities (e.g. 25 kg bags) of electrode materials made at its demonstration facility in Ithaca, NY, so the performance and cost advantages can be tested by our customers.