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Shmuel De-Leon



Shmuel De-Leon Energy is a battery knowledge company provide several services; Consulting, Training, Event organizers, software's, market report, publication


Application Area: Grid, Transportation, Defense/military, Professional services
Technology: Flow Battery/Fuel cell, Lead-acid battery, Lithium-ion battery, Supercapacitor, Sodium nickel chloride battery
Stage: Battery/capacitor management system manufacturing, Battery/Capacitor manufacturing, Energy storage system OEM, Research & development, Test and measurement, Battery/capacitor pack manufacturing, Solar and Energy Storage Project Developer
Products Offered: Raw materials, Anode, Cathode, Separator, Electrolyte, Battery cells, Casing, housing or other subsystems, Battery management system, Entire battery system, Power electronics/drive electronics, Residential Energy Storage Systems, Commercial Energy Storage Systems
Services Offered: Product design, Product prototyping, Project management, Research & development, System integration, Testing & evaluation
Organization Staffing: 1 to 5